Need help?

The Foundation provides help to Ukrainian citizens under the age of 18 who have oncological, oncohematological, and, in some cases, immunological diseases.

We help to pay for surgeries (stem cell transplantations from an unrelated donor) and mIBG scannings that are not performed in Ukraine, help palliative patients with cancer, provide targeted support and fulfil the wishes of children.

The types of support provided by the Foundation are available below.


Informational support

Here you will find out who else you can ask for help.

We are not all-powerful, but we are always ready to share with you the necessary information and contacts of other charity foundations which you can apply to.


Does your loved one have cancer?

Expert advice and experience from those who found themselves in a similar situation will help you understand your own feelings, make the right decisions, and, if necessary, become the support, and help your loved ones.


How we can help

Support to patients

We help with the examination, diagnostics, search and purchase of medicines, treatment in Ukraine.

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Treatment abroad

There are types of surgery and treatment that are not yet available in Ukraine. Tabletochki is ready to help.

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Psychological support

The right psychological mood helps patients to get treatment.

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Palliative care

Every day, week or year of your baby's life matters. For her, for you and for us.

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Information help

Contacts of other charitable foundations

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