Psychological support

Cancer treatment is constant stress. During the years of treatment, everyone gets tired: patients, families, doctors, nurses, hospital volunteers, and foundation staff. Babies are capricious, and little older children are depressed because the treatment is not an easy task and they are already able to ask difficult questions to themselves and others. Appropriate psychological mood helps patients to cope with the treatment.

Unfortunately, the hospital staffing table does not provide a salary for several psychologists who would regularly work with children. That is why we have launched a pilot project to provide psychological support in the Department of Pediatric Oncology at the Kyiv Regional Oncology Center. Hospital psychologists help all participants in this difficult struggle to cope with the difficulties of treatment and hospital stay. They help children to be treated, and doctors to give treatment.

We provide remote psychological support and counselling when the family is abroad for treatment.

We also regularly organize meetings to provide psychological support to families who have lost a child due to illness.

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Every day, week or year of your baby's life matters. For her, for you and for us.

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