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Psychological and emotional support

Cancer treatment is constant stress. Mental health and wellness help the family to cope with treatment and builds up strength for fighting.

We provide group and individual psychological counselling to support families during the treatment in Ukraine.

We also organize regular support group meetings to help families who lost their child to cancer.

How we can help

Help to sick kids

We help with getting diagnostics and diagnosis, finding and purchasing medicine, getting treatment in Ukraine.

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Treatment and support of families abroad

We help with evacuation, stay abroad, and translation of medical documents.

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Psychological support

Right mental attitude helps cancer patients cope with treatment.

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Psychosocial rehabilitation

We will help to adapt to regular life after the completion of treatment.

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Palliative care

Every day, week, or year of your child's life matters. To the child, to you, and to us.

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Information, Assistance, and Referral

Contact details of other non-profit organizations you can request help.

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