Get involved

Give good postcards, birthday parties, souvenirs and arrange charity events to help children in Ukraine to fight cancer

Good postcards

Give me a good leaflet for a good introduction and a good friend, a good friend and a friend. Poshtivka with Yaskrava positive іlustratsієyu - wait for the best gift for the future.

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Good partnership

Contributions from our trusted partners are converted to medicines and supplies, payments for examinations and treatment that children cannot receive for free

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Special birthday celebration

Celebrate your birthday and give children the major victory in their lives ‒ the victory over cancer.

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Join the events

These charitable activities help children with cancer. Choose the one you like, join the event and help!

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Accept the challenge

Run, swim, jump, and compete for the sake of children who can't do it right now

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Arrange your own event

Create charity campaigns: run fairs and sports events, collect waste paper, become a donor, and engage your colleagues and friends. We will help with the implementation!

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