Treatment abroad

There are types of surgery and treatment that are not yet available in Ukraine. Tabletochki is ready to help in such a situation sending a child with cancer abroad. Here is an incomplete list of diseases that we can help to treat, and other services.

Stem cell transplantation from an unrelated donor

We will assist in organizing and raising funds to pay for stem cell transplantation from an unrelated donor abroad in hospitals that meet the Foundation’s requirements of the acceptable child recovery statistics and treatment costs. Check the list of hospitals with our specialists.


We will help with the payment of the retinoblastoma treatment abroad, provided that the Foundation’s medical experts has confirmed that such treatment is impossible or less effective in Ukraine.

mIBG scanning

We will help with the organisation and payment for mIBG scanning (scintigraphy) at the hospital in Bergamo, Italy.

Flight tickets

We will help to get free tickets for flights of International Airlines of Ukraine within Under the Wing Charity Program. These are tickets for a sick child and one of their parents or guardians.

Psychological support

We provide remote psychological support and counselling when the family is abroad for treatment.

Important to know

Tabletochki Foundation does not pay the full cost of treating children abroad, as this is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. The Foundation is a partner of parents and provides related support while treatment abroad: payment for the donor search, accommodation, food, the cost of additional medical services that are not paid for by the MOH, and other expenses.

Parents have the right to choose at which clinic their child will undergo treatment for cancer. Tabletochki Foundation reserves the right to support treatment in a clinic where, under equal conditions of service quality and expected results, the cost of treatment is lower.

The Foundation does not help children and their parents who are already undergoing treatment abroad. After all, in this case, the experts of the Foundation cannot check the need for foreign treatment.



How we can help

Support to patients

We help with the examination, diagnostics, search and purchase of medicines, treatment in Ukraine.

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Psychological support

The right psychological mood helps patients to get treatment.

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Palliative care

Every day, week or year of your baby's life matters. For her, for you and for us.

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Information help

Contacts of other charitable foundations

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