Information for the media

We will be happy to answer your questions and help prepare texts and videos about the work of the Foundation and our wards. We may also provide comments for charity or pediatric oncology materials.

The work of the Fund is possible only with the support of the community. If your magazine, radio station, or television channel tells us about our activities, more children with cancer will get a chance to recover:

  • First, more people will join the fund and support us.
  • Second, people will know where to go for help in case of a child’s illness in the family or in their own environment. And this is important.
  • Third, you will help develop a culture of charity in Ukraine.
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+380 67 464 87 74

By phone number

You can use materials from the site of the foundation (texts, photos, videos) with the source. We would appreciate it if you share the link with us.

Thank you for bringing children together with us!

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