Palliative care

In 2015, we launched a palliative care program. Each of the care recipient families is special and unique for the Foundation team. We try to find the kind of support that will take into account all the possible nuances and individual features of our care recipients.

Types of our support:

Medical advice. Our consulting doctors are always ready to adjust the control of pain and other symptoms, help to form the right diet, and consult on other issues.

Psychological counselling. Our psychologists are ready to support the sick child, their parents, and siblings. We help the whole family through this difficult period and stay close after a possible loss.

Provision of financial support

  • tracheostomas and their care products,
  • gastrostomas and their care products,
  • gastric catheters,
  • syringes, dressings supplies,
  • supplies for sanitation,
  • supplies for medical equipment,
  • oral cavity treatment supplies,
  • skincare products, hygiene products,
  • diapers, disposable diapers, wet wipes.

Enteral and parenteral nutrition

Technical equipment (for temporary use):

  • functional bed,
  • mattress to prevent bedsores,
  • orthopedic pillow, and etc.

Medical equipment (for temporary use by medical prescription):

  • aspirator,
  • oxygen concentrator,
  • pulseoximeter,
  • nebulizer,
  • tonometer,
  • lineomat.

Payment for medical services (with doctor’s confirmation):

  • medical transportation,
  • additional tests,
  • additional examinations (including MRI, CT).

Fulfilling your dream

We will do our best to bring joy to the child, enable them to develop to the extent their physical condition allows, and to live a full life, despite the disease.

One-time financial support with funeral services

Important to know

The Tabletochki team formed the list of types of support, taking into account the recommendations of expert doctors, as well as several years of experience. However, we are always ready to consider other requests from children and their families.

The Foundation purchases medicines, supplies, equipment, or pays for services upon confirmation by a doctor or medical consultant of the Foundation.

The transfer of medical and technical equipment to the temporary use of the family is enshrined by the Transfer and Acceptance Act between the Foundation and the family.

Palliative program coordinators do their best to provide the necessary support as quickly as possible. But the period depends on the financial capacity of the Foundation and other factors (for example, the availability of medicines at the warehouse of suppliers), so sometimes it is necessary to wait a little bit to get help. We do our best to shorten the waiting period.

The Foundation does not receive public grants and exists on charitable donations. The amount of support we can offer to families directly depends on charitable donations.

There are just a few types of support that we cannot provide to a palliative patient:

  • alternative treatment,
  • palliative treatment abroad.

Every year, the Foundation arranges a Day of Remembrance. On this day, we, together with parents, volunteers and friends of the Foundation, remember our children, stay close, share our experiences and hold each other’s hands.

Remember ‒ we are close!

How we can help

Support to patients

We help with the examination, diagnostics, search and purchase of medicines, treatment in Ukraine.

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Treatment abroad

There are types of surgery and treatment that are not yet available in Ukraine. Tabletochki is ready to help.

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Psychological support

The right psychological mood helps patients to get treatment.

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Information help

Contacts of other charitable foundations

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