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Palliative care

In 2015, we launched Palliative Care Support Program. Every family with a cancer patient is special and unique to our Foundation’s team. We try to take all possible nuances and individual characteristics into careful consideration while choosing the right type of help, perfectly fitted for the needs of our recipients.

Types of our assistance:

Doctors’ consultations. Our consulting doctors are always willing to help manage the symptoms, including pain, create a well-balanced diet, and advise on lots of other issues.

Counseling psychologists. Our mental health professionals are ready to consult patients and their parents, brothers, sisters, etc. We aim at supporting the whole family through this challenging time and help them adjust after possible loss of a loved one.

Canine therapy. Classes with specially trained dogs that provide emotional and psychological support to children and families, help switch attention to positive emotions.

Rehabilitation (as prescribed).

Taxi transportation to/from the hospital (all over Ukraine).

Nanny services.

Financial aid:

  • Medicine;
  • Medical supplies: tracheostomy tube and spare supplies for tube care; gastrostomy tube and spare supplies for tube care; probes; syringes, surgical dressings, bandages; medical equipment consumables; oral care products; skincare and hygiene products; wound care products; cloth diapers, disposable diapers, wet wipes;
  • Special nutrition (as prescribed by nutritionist);
  • Technical equipmentnt (provided for temporary use): functional hospital bed; mattress to prevent ulcers and bed sores, orthopedic pillow, etc.

Medical equipment (provided for temporary use by prescription): aspirator, oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter, nebulizer, tonometer, lineomat, etc.

Medical services coverage (upon doctor’s confirmation): medical transportation, additional diagnostics, examination and procedures (including MRI, CAT scans).

Making dreams come true. We do our best to bring joy to a child’s life, giving every opportunity to grow and develop to the extent possible within a child’s physical condition and help him/her live fully, despite illness.

      One-time financial assistance for the ritual services.

      Psychological grief support groups after the loss of a child.


      Important to know

      Tabletochki’s list of available care options is based on the recommendations of healthcare professionals, along with several years of experience in the field. However, we are always open to considering other assistance requests from children and their families.

      Our Foundation purchases requested medication, supplies, medical equipment or covers all costs of medical services after obtaining the approval from the doctor or Foundation’s medical consultant.

      Providing medical equipment and technical resources to the family for temporary use is executed within the Statement of Delivery/Acceptance, agreed and signed by the Foundation and the accepting family.

      Palliative care coordinators are doing everything in their power to provide necessary assistance as soon as possible. However, the delivery time strongly depends on our financial capabilities and other critical factors (for example, the availability of medical products in suppliers’ facilities), so in some cases, you just have to wait a little longer for help. We do all we can to reduce the waiting time.

      The Foundation is not government-sponsored and exists solely on charitable donations. The amount of help we can offer depends directly on the voluntary support of our contributors.

      There are a few types of care that we are unable to provide to a palliative patient:

      non-conventional (alternative) treatment;

      palliative care abroad.

      More detailed information regarding palliative care, provided by our Foundation, can be found here.

      You can read important information about pain relief medication here.

      Every year Foundation organizes the Day of Remembrance. On this day, our volunteers, friends, and parents get together to remember our children, stand side by side, share our experiences and hold hands. If you want to join us for the Day of Remembrances, please call our palliative care coordinator: +38 (050) 210 70 02.

      Remember, we are always here for you!

      How we can help

      Help to sick kids

      We help with getting diagnostics and diagnosis, finding and purchasing medicine, getting treatment in Ukraine.

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      Treatment and support of families abroad

      We help with evacuation, stay abroad, and translation of medical documents.

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      Psychological support

      Right mental attitude helps cancer patients cope with treatment.

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      Psychosocial rehabilitation

      We will help to adapt to regular life after the completion of treatment.

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      Information, Assistance, and Referral

      Contact details of other non-profit organizations you can request help.

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