Psychosocial support after treatment

On the day the child is discharged from the hospital, the “cancer” mode in the family is not turned off. The disease recedes, but its psychological and social consequences can last for years. Babies adapt to noregularrmal life quite quickly. It’s harder for teenagers and parents.

Our psychosocial rehabilitation program helps families, especially cancer survivors, overcome fears and return to society.

We organize group activities for children and teenagers, as well as for parents and the whole family. These events are therapeutic and aim for psycho-emotional rehabilitation and socialization.

We organize children’s and teenagers’ clubs of comfortable communication offline in Kyiv and online, where we help children to adapt and socialize after a long treatment.

We conduct group art therapy classes for parents.

We provide psychological and informational support to families at the stage of returning to regular life after treatment – we conduct lectures by doctors, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists to help them adapt to a new period of life.

We organize workshops and trips for children who have already completed treatment and their families.

How we can help

Help to sick kids

We help with getting diagnostics and diagnosis, finding and purchasing medicine, getting treatment in Ukraine.

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Treatment abroad

Specific treatments and diagnostics may not be available in Ukraine. We are ready to help.

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Psychological support

Right mental attitude helps cancer patients cope with treatment.

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Palliative care

Every day, week, or year of your child's life matters. To the child, to you, and to us.

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Information, Assistance, and Referral

Contact details of other non-profit organizations you can request help.

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