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What kind of children do you help?

The Foundation helps citizens of Ukraine under the age of 18 who have oncological, hematological, and some other life-threatening diseases. In some cases, as defined by the Foundations rules, people over 18 can receive help.

How to apply for Foundation's assistance?

To request assistance, you need to fill out and submit an online form on our website. After that, our Сoordinator will contact you within 5 business days. Please note that you should leave the child’s parents’ or legal guardians’ contact details because we will contact them directly.

The child is diagnosed with X (non-oncological) disease

You can apply for help to other charitable foundations if the child’s diagnosis does not coincide with Tabletochki Foundation impact areas. You can find the list of other non-profit organizations’ contact information on dobro.ua (Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace) website (see ‘Operators of help’ section).

Where can an adult patient with cancer apply for assistance?

Unfortunately, there are almost no foundations providing support to adult cancer patients in Ukraine. You can search for organizations on dobro.ua (Ukrainian philanthropic platform) in the ‘Operators of help’ section. Or reach out to cancer support communities, for example,

• Inspiration Family

• Pink Ribbon Ukraine CF

• ГО «Легені»

• Athena. Women Against Cancer

The child has cancer. Can you write about him/her on your social media?

In our social media, we publish the stories of children who get the Foundation’s help. To get support from us, please fill out our online form

To whom and how does the Foundation buy medicines?

The Foundation procures medicine targeted for the specific child’s use (and requested by parents/guardians) or if requested by the Head – for the Unit that we signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with. We buy antitumor, antifungal, antibacterial, antiemetic, and other medications prescribed by the doctor. Our volunteers also help to purchase abroad medicines that are not registered in Ukraine.

The Foundation works with verified, reliable, and transparent pharmacies. We sign a standard form contract and make cashless payments. We send every procurement request to at least three different pharmacy chains and then select the one that offers the lowest price. We consider the shipping speed factor as well. That is, if a child hasn’t got much time to wait, we can buy medicines at a higher cost but with prompt delivery. If your child needs medication, please fill out an online application form.

The child needs medicines that are not registered in Ukraine. Can you help?

With the help of our local volunteer groups in Austria, Spain, France, Germany, and a few other countries, we can buy and deliver from abroad the prescribed medication to children. If your child needs this kind of medication, please fill out the online form. Our Сoordinator will contact you for further clarifications within 5 business days.

Can you pay the fund for the treatment of my child with cancer abroad?

Currently, the foundation does not organize paid treatment of children abroad (the exception is certain types of diagnostics in foreign laboratories). Going abroad for treatment with the help of the fund is possible only through the evacuation mechanism.

“Tabletochki” also do not cover the cost of treatment of children abroad, because in the case of citizens of Ukraine receiving temporary protection status in the EU, it is free of charge.

Can you recommend an oncological hospital for adults?

The Foundation does not provide recommendations for clinics or treatment of any diseases. We take these recommendations very seriously and responsibly, and Foundation’s team members are not doctors, so they are incompetent to address these matters. You should consult qualified medical specialists.

I want to run a fundraising/ charitable marketing campaign for the Foundation. What should I do?

Thank you for being willing to help!

If you want to become Foundation’s partner, please tell us about your company and ideas on the campaign or cooperation here. When you fill out the form, we will contact you to discuss the details of the project.

If you want to become a fundraiser, fill out the form or create your own charity campaign on our platform super.tabletochki.

Can I contribute to the Foundation with anything other than money donations?

Of course, you can! You can join our Foundation’s team of volunteers and assist us with your knowledge and skills. Find more information here. You can also become a volunteer fundraiser and help us raise money by organizing charity events, parties, auctions, concerts, etc. For more information, click here.

I am under 18 years old. Can I volunteer for Foundation?

Yes, you can. Young people under 18 can also join our community and start volunteering. However, this will require the written parental consent.

There is an urgent call for type X blood donors. Can you help find ones?

As Tabletochki Foundation does not deal with the issue of blood donation, we recommend contacting specialized organizations, such as DonorUA, or social initiatives, such as ZdaiBlood, Blood Agents.

I want to be a donor, but I have health problems. Can I still donate blood?

We truly appreciate your willingness to become a blood donor. We recommend you read carefully the list of specific conditions that prevent a person from donating blood on donor.ua. Also, you can send your question to the chatbot or visit the nearest blood donation point.

Where can I donate hair for wigs for people with cancer?

Hair for share is a social initiative that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. You can send the hair from any city. All instructions and answers to questions are on their Facebook Community page

How do I make sure the children get my help?

Every month on our website we publish a financial report on all income and expenses. In addition, the Foundation annually submits to the tax inspection a report on the use of income (profits) of a non-profit organization. The reports are also available on our website. 

How can I cancel my monthly Direct Debit donation?

You can stop your recurring donations by filling out the form here. Your monthly payment plan will be canceled within 24 hours. 

Who is the owner of Tabletochki Foundation?

Tabletochki was founded by Olga Kudinenko and Olga Shurupova. Children receive assistance through donations from individuals and legal entities. Tabletochki regularly and timely reports on its activities to all philanthropists and government agencies. All information is available on our site in the ‘Reports and documents’ section.

Why is the Foundation called Tabletochki in Ukrainian?

In 2011, assistance to children began with pills not available in Ukraine, which philanthropists brought from abroad. The initiative’s Facebook page was called ‘Tabletochki’, and later, the volunteer initiative became a foundation.

We chose the name ‘Tabletochki’ because of the meaning of the word. There are words ‘pihulka’ (pill) and ‘tabletka’ (tablet) in the Ukrainian language. These words are often used as synonyms, but these words have different meanings.

‘Pihulka’ is of Latin origin and means a pill – a ball of plastic mass, which contains medicinal substances. In the past, pharmacists produced pills individually.

‘Tabletka’ from Latin means a solid form of the drug.

These are the usual tablets of compressed powder, which are produced on an industrial scale. And children with cancer receive tablets thanks to philanthropists.