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There are also other ways to make a donation that you might find more comfortable. Particularly if you are an individual (not a company) or a person who lives abroad.


ProCredit Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany SWIFT/BIC code PRCBDEFF Beneficiary bank: JSC ProCredit Bank, Kyiv, Ukraine SWIFT/BIC code MIFCUAUK Beneficiary: NAME: “TABLETOCHKI" CHARITY FOUNDATION IBAN: UA563209840000026007210322320


On this platform, you can conveniently donate in one of 24 types of cryptocurrency. Кнопка - Help now


A platform for donating from abroad using a bank card, checks, and PayPal.


Via Tabletochki chatbot, you can transfer any comfortable amount in just a few clicks.


The platform enables fast, secure, and easy transactions in the cryptocurrency of your choice.