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Other ways to make a donation

There are also other ways to make a donation that you might find more comfortable. Particularly if you are an individual (not a company) or a person who lives abroad.

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Questions and answers

How will my contribution be used?

Every donation is used to fund statutory activities of the Foundation to create conditions for quality medical, psychological care and improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families in Ukraine during and after treatment.

Donations turn into various help for children – medicine, specialized food supply, psychological and palliative support, outpatient accommodation, rehabilitation, treatment abroad.

Your contributions are also systematic assistance to 21 pediatric oncology units nationwide. That includes the purchase of modern equipment, renovations, improved working conditions for medical staff.

Moreover, your help is the support of the professional development of Ukrainian doctors. The Foundation organizes training in departments, provides access to internships and educational activities abroad, pays for subscriptions to international medical publications.

Can I avoid entering personal information every time I donate?

The site does not store donors’ personal data, so it must be entered each time you donate. In order not to enter data every time, you can subscribe for monthly donations or donate using our Viber chatbot.

How can I change my bank card, date, or subscription amount?

It is currently technically impossible to change the day, withdrawal amount or card details. If you want to change any of these settings, please cancel the monthly donation in your account (see the upper right corner of your screen) and set a new one. Or leave a request to unsubscribe here.

How does a monthly subscription work?

The first charge of the donation will happen on the date you have chosen. Then every month on the same day, the amount you specified will be automatically charged from your card, provided that the funds required are available.

Exception: if the subscription was issued on February 29 or the 31st of any month. In this case, the next charge will be in 30 days.

What happens if there is not enough money on the card to cover the monthly donation on the day it's withdrawn?

If the first attempt to withdraw automatically fails due to insufficient funds, the system will keep attempting to withdraw money three days in a row. After a successful withdrawal, the next one will happen in 30 days from its date, i.e., in the following month.

If none of the attempts is successful, the next one will happen on the subscription date in the following month. If there have been no successful attempts for six consecutive months, then the subscription is automatically canceled.

Can I donate not from Ukraine?

A person from anywhere in the world can help Foundation’s beneficiaries. Donors can give via the website or transfer to the Foundation’s bank account. But in some cases, foreign banks’ security systems reject such payments.

We recommend donors with foreign bank cards donate via the GlobalGiving or JustGiving platforms.

There is also a Viber chatbot with the Apple / Google Pay option.

If you would like to stop your monthly donations, fill in the form.

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Other ways to make a donation

There are also other ways to make a donation that you might find more comfortable. Particularly if you are an individual (not a company) or a person who lives abroad.


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