Support to sick children

The list of what is needed for a child who has cancer is very large and varied. Children may need expensive medicines, including those unregistered in Ukraine, many complex analyzes and examinations, medical procedures, implants, prostheses, and endoprosthesis. Often families need to stay in an ambulatory apartment for the duration of treatment.

Here is an approximate, but not exhaustive list of medicines and services provided by Tabletochki Foundation for the treatment of children with cancer.

We will provide antineoplastic, antifungal, antibacterial, antinausea, and other medicines in case a doctor’s prescription is available. Our volunteers will help you to buy abroad those medicines which are not registered in Ukraine.

We will help you to pay for the necessary analyzes and examinations in Ukraine according to the medical prescription and if it is impossible to pass such examinations free of charge (information on the treatment of children abroad is available in the “Treatment Abroad” section).

Prostheses, implants
We will help with the payment of prostheses, endoprosthesis, and implants if the need for their mounting is caused by the treatment of cancer.

Ambulatory apartment
We will provide a non-resident family with a room in the ambulatory apartment while the child is being treated at the Oncohematology Center and the Department for Bone Marrow Transplantation of Okhmatdyt (in case there are available beds in the apartment and with the permission of the doctors).

Child support
We congratulate a child on his/her birthday, make a gift according to the child’s wish or fulfil his/her dream. We ensure studying of children remotely or at hospitals.

Important to know

  • The Tabletochki team formed the list of types of support, taking into account the recommendations of expert doctors, as well as several years of experience. However, we are always ready to consider other requests from children and their families.
  • Our team is trying to provide the necessary support as soon as possible. But the period depends on the financial capacity of the Foundation and other factors (for example, the availability of medicines at the warehouse of suppliers), so sometimes it is necessary to wait a little bit to get help. We do our best to shorten the waiting period.
  • The Foundation does not receive public grants and exists on charitable contributions. The amount of donations we can offer to families directly depends on the support of benefactors.

How we can help

Treatment abroad

There are types of surgery and treatment that are not yet available in Ukraine. Tabletochki is ready to help.

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Psychological support

The right psychological mood helps patients to get treatment.

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Palliative care

Every day, week or year of your baby's life matters. For her, for you and for us.

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Information help

Contacts of other charitable foundations

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