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Help to sick kids

Cancer-related expenses

The cancer patient’s list of needs is rather long and varied. Children may require expensive medicines, including medical products, which are not registered in Ukraine, a wide range of complex diagnostic tests and examinations, medical procedures, implants, prostheses, endoprostheses. Families often have to find outpatient accommodation to stay while their child is receiving treatment.

Below is an approximate, not full, range of medication and services commonly provided by our Foundation for childhood cancer treatment.

We will purchase antitumor, antifungal, antibacterial, and other medicines. Our volunteers will help purchase medication abroad if the drug is not registered in Ukraine.

We help cover the costs of all the necessary laboratory tests and diagnostics ordered by a physician, given that the diagnostic procedures are impossible to be performed free of charge (to get more information about the treatment of children abroad, please see section “Treatment abroad”).

Prostheses, implants
We help purchase prostheses, endoprostheses, implants that are needed due to oncological treatment.

Accommodation for outpatients
We can provide the non-resident family with a room in the outpatient accommodation. There they can stay while their child is receiving treatment in the Oncohematology and Marrow Transplantation Center at the National Children’s Specialized Hospital Okhmatdyt (upon approval of the doctor and if places are available).

Encouragement for children
We can greet the child with the birthday, give a wishful gift or make a dream come true (upon request).

All required supporting documentation to apply for our Foundations’s assistance is listed here.

If you are an existing recipient of Tabletochki Foundation and you have already finished the course of treatment/maintenance therapy, but still need help, please read “Foundation Assistance after Completion of Therapy”.

Important to know

  • Tabletochki team has formed this list of available care options after working in the field for several years, and it is based on healthcare professionals’ recommendations. However, we are always open to considering other assistance requests from children and their families.
  • Our team is doing everything in its power to provide the necessary assistance as soon as possible. However, the timing strongly depends on our financial capabilities and other critical factors (for example, the availability of medical products in suppliers’ facilities), so in some cases, you might need to wait a bit for help. We do all we can to reduce waiting time.
  • The Foundation is not government-sponsored, our help to children exists solely on charitable donations. The amount of help we are able to provide depends directly on our donors’ support.

How we can help

Treatment and support of families abroad

We help with evacuation, stay abroad, and translation of medical documents.

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Psychological support

Right mental attitude helps cancer patients cope with treatment.

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Psychosocial rehabilitation

We will help to adapt to regular life after the completion of treatment.

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Palliative care

Every day, week, or year of your child's life matters. To the child, to you, and to us.

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Information, Assistance, and Referral

Contact details of other non-profit organizations you can request help.

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