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Doctors Guarding Children's Lives

We are working hard for the sake of our recipients, striving to assist as many children as possible and to spend donors' funds most efficiently. That is why it is crucially important for us to make informed, wise decisions on every child. This is why we cooperate closely with the team of advisors who are professional pediatric oncologists. We are working to induce systemic changes together with specialized experts. They provide us with valuable feedback and recommendations, identify ongoing needs and major concerns that we are unable to see from the outside.

Training for doctors

Professional Development

We are actively working on an educational program for physicians and nurses who specialize in treating children with cancer. We help healthcare professionals acquire up-to-day knowledge and master their skills while studying in Ukraine and abroad. Also, we accept and fulfill their individual training and internship requests.

Foundation's Medical Experts Team

Roman Kizyma

Acting director of ZUSDMC

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Oleksandr Lysytsia

Pediatric Hematologist

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Mykhailo Adyrov

Pediatric Hematologist

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Pavlo Plavskiy

Pediatric Neurosurgeon

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Serhiy Dyma

Pediatric Hematologist

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Lesia Lysytsia

Pediatric Ophthalmologist

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