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In the first weeks of treatment, the boy did not understand why he was not at home and was afraid of doctors, but then he got used to it.

At three, Dmytro had undergone a kidney removal operation, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Dmytro likes to play with cars, learns poems with his mother, and is very happy when he tells them himself.

The boy’s mother says that he has a stubborn character: if he wants something, he will get it. “To my question: ‘Will everything be fine with us?’, he always confidently answers: ‘Of course, it can’t be otherwise!'” the woman adds.

After recovering and the Ukrainian victory at war, Dmytro dreams of fishing with his grandfather in the Kherson region. We hope that his dream will come true as soon as possible.

Please support Dmytro and children like him by signing up for a monthly donation for an amount that is comfortable for you. Your regular help is hope for a healthy future for children.

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Aliia bravely fights kidney cancer. She has already undergone surgery and is undergoing a course of 27 blocks of chemotherapy. The girl needs your support to overcome the disease.

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Daniel dreams of becoming a football player like Messi, but he should postpone sports exercises due to illness. The boy is fighting cancer of the lymph nodes.

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At the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, Ilona and her mother evacuated to Poland and Germany. Later, they returned home. A few weeks after that, the girl became ill, and a tumor was found in her brain. She has been fighting the disease for over a year.

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