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One day, the mother noticed something was wrong with the child – he had an enlarged lymph node. Later, the boy was diagnosed with cancer.

In January 2022, treatment began, but the war changed plans: Daniel and his mother, like hundreds of other families, were evacuated. Chemotherapy continued in Germany. But in half a year, the family missed home and returned to Ukraine. Daniel recently underwent a bone marrow transplant and is recovering from the procedure.

Daniel is kind, sensitive, and hardworking. The boy’s main hobby is football. He also likes skiing and cycling, playing computer games, and fishing.

“Daniel’s greatest desire now is to recover and return to his normal life, to his relatives, friends, and his football family. He is a strong boy; he can withstand anything,” says his mother. We are sure of it too!

However, even the strong need help. Please support Daniel and children like him by donating an amount you are comfortable with. Your faith in children brings their victory over the disease closer.

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