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Кожен внесок важливий. Допоможіть дітям одужати

10 August 2022

Information on the evacuation of children with cancer abroad

With the assistance of St. Jude Global and the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center in Lviv, there is a logistical route to evacuate children with cancer who, due to Russian aggression, cannot receive the necessary treatment in Ukraine to foreign clinics.

Logistics is carried out through the medical centers of WUSCMC (Lviv, Ukraine) and UNICORN Clinic (Lodz, Poland).

The child’s attending physician must contact the WUSCMC hospital in Lviv to evacuate the child. You can do it at the e-mail address of the Children’s Oncology Clinic and Bone Marrow Transplantation of WUSCMC [email protected] or via Viber at +38 (068) 939 03 49.

The acting director of WUSCMC, Roman Kizyma, manages the evacuation process and decides to evacuate, considering the child’s clinical needs and condition. 

Tabletochkі СF helps form lists of children for evacuation based on doctors’ decisions, provides informational support for families of children with cancer who need evacuation and helps financially, for example, by paying for tickets to Lviv. To receive assistance from the Foundation, please contact +38 (050) 210 10 41 (Viber is available).

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Новини / 6 July 2022

Яку допомогу можуть отримати онкохворі діти за кордоном від фонду «Таблеточки»

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Рекомендуємо / 19 April 2022

Інтеграція травматичних переживань у дітей під час війни

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News / 22 March 2022

The first time Dima left his hometown Chernihiv to fight cancer, the second one – to survive the war.

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