Support for children

The most significant part of Foundation’s work is helping children fight cancer. This mission is carried out by our Our Department for Work with Families and Recipients carries out this mission.

The department particularly takes care of:
– targeted procurement of medicines to children or pediatrics departments to get necessary medication on schedule;

– purchasing medical equipment and reagents for hospitals, renovating facility premises, improving working conditions for healthcare workers and patients for a child to keep being happy to the last and for his family to spend most of the time together;

– giving access to special treatment overseas, not available in Ukraine; in particular, Tabletochki funds examination, therapy and accommodation costs for the whole family during the entire treatment period;

– ensuring comfortable and age-specific conditions for in-hospital treatment, organizing leisure and recreational activities, as part of a contribution to children’s development and well-being, with the help of volunteers. Illness should not take a happy childhood away.

– renting accommodation for non-resident families. After hospital discharge, non-resident families are advised to stay in Kyiv for a while so that the child can keep on being systematically examined. As all family resources are already spent on treatment, the Foundation rents comfortable housing for them near the hospital.

– providing all necessary medicines, disposables, financial and psychological support as part of the Palliative Care Program to keep the child happy until the very last minute.

Every year we host a big “Survivors’ Day”, where friends, volunteers, doctors and Ukrainian celebrities get together with cancer survivors and their parents to celebrate the most valuable thing ‒ the Life.

Other directions

Support for Hospitals

Our Foundation systematically supports Ukrainian children's hospitals in purchasing equipment, renovating facility premises, improving working conditions for healthcare workers. We consistently collaborate with 19 children's cancer hospital departments. 400 children from all over Ukraine are ensured to receive targeted assistance from the Foundation.

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Healthcare Professional Development

The Foundation is closely involved in contributing to the professional development of Ukrainian doctors. Tabletochki provides access to hospital department training, international and local internships and education programs, paid subscriptions to international medical journals.

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Children's Rights Protection

Tabletochki proactively cooperates with the authorities, public sector and other charitable foundations to advocate for the rights of childhood cancer patients and their families.

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