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Help for children

Today, Ukrainian children are affected by both cancer and war simultaneously.

By addressing the comprehensive needs of families, Tabletochki ensures that children and their caregivers can navigate the challenges of cancer treatment with greater resilience, despite the ongoing full-scale war.

What we do:

– procuring medicines to children or pediatric oncology units to get necessary medication on schedule, we pay for examination and diagnostics;

– providing professional psychological support to families during and after a child’s complex treatment;

– providing psychosocial support post-treatment — we organize group activities for children and teenagers, as well as for parents and the whole family. These events are therapeutic and aim for psychoemotional rehabilitation and socialization.
We organize children’s and teenagers’ «Barrel of lemonade» clubs for comfortable communication offline in Kyiv and Lviv and online, where we help children to adapt and socialize after a long treatment;

– ensuring comfortable and age-specific conditions for in-hospital treatment, organizing leisure and recreational activities to contribute to children’s development and well-being, with the assistance of volunteers. Disease should not take a happy childhood away;

arranging accommodation for non-resident families. After hospital discharge, non-resident families are advised to stay in Kyiv or Lviv for continued systematic examinations of the child. To reduce the financial burden on families, the Foundation rents comfortable housing near the hospital;

– providing all necessary medicines, supplies; financial and psychological support as part of the Palliative Care Program to minimize children’s suffering and enhance their comfort;

assisting with medical evacuation, overseas stays, and translating medical documents.

Other Projects

Support for Hospitals

The Foundation systematically supports Ukrainian children's oncology centers by purchasing medicines, medical consumables, reagents, and equipment, renovating facility premises, and improving conditions for patients and medical workers. Currently, 12 hospitals with pediatric units receive monthly assistance from the Foundation.

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Professional Development for Healthcare Workers

Tabletochki actively promotes the professional development of pediatric oncology doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. The Foundation organizes its own training programs in Ukraine, and provides access to internships and educational activities abroad. Amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine, this program is crucial in shaping the long-term landscape of childhood cancer care in the country.

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Children’s Rights Protection and Advocacy

Tabletochki cooperates with the state authorities and third-sector organizations to advocate for the interests of families affected by childhood cancer. The Foundation protects children's rights at the state level, aiming to ensure the highest quality of treatment.

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