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Children’s rights Protection and Advocacy

Ukrainian child patients’ rights are often left unprotected, yet the issue can be resolved. Together with non-profit organizations, public authorities, volunteers, and lawyers, we have already accomplished the following:


the Ministry of Health approved unrestricted access to ICU;

SMS-charity reform was launched (Tabletochki was a member of the working group);

the list of medicines for children with cancer to be procured using public funds was extended;

— in cooperation with MOH, we did Mapping of Paediatric Oncology Services: revision of the number of patients, doctors and hospital beds, occupancy, availability of medical equipment to optimize health care performance and patient route system development;

— in collaboration with OKHMADYT, MOH, the Parliament, the Ukrainian Registry of HSCT Donors and other partners, we strived for and archived the launch of Matched Unrelated Donor HSCT in Ukraine, etc.

Ongoing projects:

— National Cancer Control Plan till 2030.

We are hugely grateful to our trusted legal partner – Asters company – who has been a loyal in-kind partner of Tabletochki Foundation since 2013.

In fighting childhood cancer, we partner with the international community. Tabletochki is a member of several trustworthy associations and develops strong collaboration with the world’s best children’s hospitals:

Union for International Cancer Control is an organization that unites ministries of health, research institutes, patient groups, and other partners in 170 countries to reduce the global cancer burden.

Childhood Cancer International is the world’s largest grassroots organization, which brings together parent organizations, support groups, and cancer societies in 88 countries to fight the disease.

St. Jude Research Hospital (Memphis, USA) is the world’s most well-known childhood cancer treatment hospital. It provides the state of art treatment options, and the children’s survival rate there has reached 90%. Our Foundation works closely with St. Jude Hospital and its charity foundation – ALSAC – within the Global Alliance, the St. Jude Global initiative aimed at fighting childhood cancer.

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) (Toronto, Canada) is Canada’s largest pediatric research hospital that takes care of children with life-threatening illnesses, including cancer. Together with SickKids specialists, we arrange training for Ukrainian oncologists and neurosurgeons. We also collaborate with the SickKids Foundation – a hospital’s non-profit organization.

Other Projects

Support for Children

Cancer treatment is complicated and lasts for a long time. Tabletochki supports a child through every stage of the disease. Examination, diagnostics, search for and procurement of medicines, treatment coordination in Ukraine and overseas, psychological support and organization of special events for children ‒ all of this is done by Tabletochki team and our volunteers.

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Support for Hospitals

Our Foundation systematically supports Ukrainian children's hospitals in purchasing equipment, renovating facility premises, improving working conditions for healthcare workforce. We consistently collaborate with 21 children's cancer units. Monthly, 500 children from all over Ukraine receive targeted assistance from the Foundation.

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Healthcare Workforce Professional Development

The Foundation invests in the professional development of Ukrainian medical staff. Tabletochki provides access to in-hospital training, international and local study visits, workshops and education programs, paid subscriptions to international medical journals.

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