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Support for Hospitals

The war did not put cancer on hold. Children continue to fight and hospitals need help.

Hospitals focused on treating children’s cancer are under Foundation’s care.
We meet their urgent needs so that children do not interrupt their treatment: we provide medicines, consumables, reagents, and household and other non-medical supplies.

We are aimed at comprehensive development of children’s oncology in Ukraine, so also offer full support to multidisciplinary teams of cancer centers by providing modern medical equipment and improving the infrastructure of hospitals.

In 2022, the Foundation purchased:

• X-ray system for irradiating blood components for the Lviv Oblast Blood Service Center, thanks to which children fighting cancer and other serious illnesses will receive safe donor blood;

• Neurosurgery microscope for The Pediatric Neurosurgery Department of St. Nicholas Hospital in Lviv, which treats children with nervous system tumors and injuries sustained during hostilities. It allows doctors to operate on blood vessels and conduct additional examinations of the tumor directly during surgery;

• Eight vital signs monitors to track patients’ vitals for The Pediatric Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Clinic of the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center. This equipment guarantees timely assistance to patients in critical condition.

Furthermore, we renovate children’s patient rooms, operating and procedure rooms, along with other facility premises. All of these activities are carried out to make children, their parents, and doctors feel comfortable and stay focused on a quick recovery.

In 2022:

• The construction of two bone marrow transplant rooms at the Pediatric Oncology Department of the Cherkasy Oblast Oncology Center was finished. These rooms with special sterile conditions provide a safe environment for children before, during, and long after bone marrow transplantation;

• The reconstruction of the outpatient care facility has started at the Clinic of Pediatric Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation of the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center. The renovated structure of the facility will improve the organization of patient appointments, reduce waiting time for a doctor’s appointment (three to four patients can be consulted simultaneously), and reduce the workload of medical staff.

Other Projects

Help for Children

Cancer treatment is complicated and lengthy. Tabletochki Foundation supports a child through every stage of the disease. The Foundation provides medical examinations, medicines, including those unavailable in Ukraine, psychological and palliative care, social rehabilitation, outpatient housing, and other targeted help for children and their families.

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Professional Development for Healthcare Workers

Tabletochki actively promotes the professional development of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in pediatric oncology. The Foundation organizes its own training programs in Ukraine, provides access to internships and educational activities abroad as well as subscription to international medical publications.

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Children’s Rights Protection and Advocacy

Tabletochki cooperates with the state authorities and the third sector to represent the interests of children with cancer and their families. The Foundation protects children's rights at the state level, achieving the highest quality of treatment.

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