Support for Hospitals

Cancer treatment involves using advanced medical technologies. Tabletochki enables procurement of all necessary equipment for examination, diagnosis, surgery, laboratory tests, treatment, patient life support, etc to the Ukrainian hospitals, financially supported by the Foundation.

In the period of 2018-2019 alone, the following 3 major medical devices have been purchased:

• thanks to our partners’ support, Hematology analyzer was received by Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre. This machine measures the number of agents in child’s blood. An accidental overdose of aggressive chemotherapeutic agents can kill a kid’s frail body, and an analyzer helps to ensure safe therapy.

Portable X-ray machine was purchased for the same hospital. Today children, who are unable to walk, can be examined in their rooms. This device also helps to increase the safety of the surgery.

Neurosurgery microscope was acquired for National Children’s Specialized Hospital OKHMATDYT. Using the device, neurosurgeons can safely perform spinal cord and brain tumor surgeries without any risk of vital areas damage. This saves children’s health and improves the quality of their lives.

Furthermore, we regularly supply hospital departments with disposables and renovate children’s patient rooms, operating and procedure rooms along with other facility premises. All of these activities are carried out to make children, their friends, parents, and doctors feel comfortable and stay focused on younger patients’ quick recovery.

Other directions

Support for Children

Treating cancer is complicated and continues for a long time. With the help of our Foundation, a child is being fully supported through every stage of the disease. Examination, diagnosis, finding and purchasing the medication, planning treatment in Ukraine and overseas, psychological support and organization of special celebrations for children ‒ all of this is done by Tabletochki team and our volunteers.

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Healthcare Professional Development

The Foundation is closely involved in contributing to the professional development of Ukrainian doctors. Tabletochki provides access to hospital department training, international and local internships and education programs, paid subscriptions to international medical journals.

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Children's Rights Protection

Tabletochki proactively cooperates with the authorities, public sector and other charitable foundations to advocate for the rights of childhood cancer patients and their families.

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