Corporate volunteering

Involve employees in charity through an internal social responsibility program. What to do:

  • Organize an office event for the benefit of the Foundation. Organize a sports event for which you need to make a charitable donation.
  • There are a lot of painful procedures on the way to recovery for children. These procedures save lives, but at the same time leave a mark on the emotional state of the child. To encourage children and reward them for their courage, we put courage boxes in the wards. These are boxes filled with little toys – after the procedure, the child chooses a gift, and the pain is quickly forgotten.
  • Spend a donor day if you have a large company or business center. If there are more than 50 potential donors, we will help arrange blood donation directly in the workplace.

The advantages of this format are:

  • Involvement of employees in charity, strengthening of emotional connection between employees.
  • Increasing employee loyalty because the company is socially responsible and takes care of the children.

We have already developed formats, instructions for conducting charitable activities. We are ready to help you spend that day at the company.

Forms of partnership

Client promo

Take a charity promotion and get your customers involved.

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Support from the company budget

Allocate some of your budget to help our clients.

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Pro bono help

A charity fund, like any company, has many administrative needs. Pro bono partners help us with many questions.

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