Pro bono

The charity, like any company, has many administrative needs. Infrastructure partners help us with many questions.

These are companies that provide their services and products for free in various fields: from legal advice to mobile communications, and thanks to them, we save several million UAH annually.

The advantages of this format are:

  • Strengthening the image of a socially responsible company that helps solve child cancer in Ukraine.
  • Increasing the loyalty of your employees and customers, because the company cares about children.
  • Even more support for families, as pro bono help saves charity money in our budget.

Our fund has several regular needs and we will be grateful for your assistance in the following areas:

  • Free transportation of goods throughout Kiev and beyond. For example, we need to carry special chairs for blood donation in offices, appliances and event furniture.
  • Free bus transportation. Children in hospitals must remain children, so we arrange excursions, trips to nature, theater and cinema for them. And we need help with the bus for families.
  • Free or cost of living in a hotel in Kiev. Families in which the child has died of cancer come to our psychological meetings once a month for 1-2 days, and it is important for us to have comfortable accommodation for the time being.
  • Free or discounted catering for events. Every year, we celebrate Victory Day and Memorial Day, with dozens of families from all over Ukraine coming. At these events, we need help with catering.
  • Free professional filming and editing. We create video content at family events or cancer care sites to get as many people as possible to know about the wards. And the help of the experts is important to us.

This is the help we need constantly. But this is not a complete list and we are always open to complicity.

Forms of partnership

Client promo

Take a charity promotion and get your customers involved.

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Support from the company budget

Allocate some of your budget to help our clients.

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Corporate volunteering

Involve employees in charity through an internal social responsibility program.

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