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Promotion with the participation of customers

Hold a promotion with a deduction of part of the cost of the product/service for the benefit of the families under the Foundation care.

For example:

— Every year, the La Roche-Posay brand conducts a campaign with the deduction of a share of the cost of each product unit sold.

— The Yagotynske brand every year holds a promotion with the deduction of a fixed share from the value of each sold milk package to help children and their families.

— The Ukrainian brand of scarves and accessories OLIZ transfers 20% of the sale of each unit of products from a special charity collection.

Advantages of this format:

  • Strengthening the image of a socially responsible company.
  • Increasing customer loyalty.

Types of Partnership

Assistance from the company’s budget

Allocate part of the budget to help families under the Foundation's care.

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Involvement of employees

Engage employees in philanthropy as part of an internal social responsibility program.

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Patron/partner of the Foundation’s program

Your systemic support will ensure that children receive life-saving treatment on time, even during the war.

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Matching partner

Doubling/tripling the donation amount, and therefore the help that the children will receive, is a strong incentive for donors.

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