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Every donation is crucial

20 September 2022

Tabletochki provided $600,513 of support for Ukrainians in August

Thanks to your donations, we continue supporting families of children with cancer and helping Ukraine during the full-scale war.

$61,818 were spent on targeted assistance for 137 families under the Foundation’s care and financing the purchase of medicines by volunteer organizations that provide Ukrainians with necessary medications during wartime.

$346,028 were allocated for supporting hospitals, $242,400 out of which for infrastructural aid to children’s hospitals:

$84,768 were spent on equipment of the neurosurgery department of Dnipro regional children’s clinical hospital. Thanks to the purchased equipment children with brain tumors and those children who were injured during the Russian shelling will receive high-quality treatment.

$35,548 were spent on constructing two aseptic boxes, necessary for bone marrow transplantations, at the regional oncology dispensary in Cherkasy. This project is crucial for developing cancer treatment in central Ukraine.

Tabletochki also allocated $91,480 to help military hospitals and hospitals in the east of Ukraine.

Within the program of support and continuous professional development of medical personnel, $60,715 were spent on internships and doctors’ financial support.

$21,439 went to the Foundation’s palliative care program.

$25,898 were allocated for the medical evacuation of children who could not continue their treatment in Ukraine. These expenses covered moving within Ukraine and abroad, translation of medical documents, and payment of one-time financial assistance to cover sudden costs.

147 families of children with cancer abroad received financial, psychological, and household assistance for $19,654.

You can find a detailed report with all the incomes and expenses here.

Thank you for being a reliable shoulder of support!

The Foundation’s maintenance expenses in August 2022 were 5.2%.

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