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Every donation is crucial

1 June 2023

Tabletochki provided $489,838 of support for Ukrainians in May

Thanks to our donors:

— Children received the necessary medicines, including those from abroad, single-use medical devices, and underwent examinations worth $91,438. Targeted assistance is significant for recovery because children often need medicines and procedures that are not available in public procurement.

— $194,665 were allocated to supporting Ukrainian hospitals. Thanks to donors and partners, the Foundation purchases medicines and supplies not only for families but also for children’s oncology departments. We are also improving treatment conditions. 

In particular:

  • In May, we paid $66,466 for reagents for genetic diagnostics for the National Cancer Institute. They allow doctors to examine tumors as accurately as possible and thus prescribe medications that are effective in a particular case. Previously, such studies had to be done abroad.
    The total cost of these reagents, paid for during the year, is almost $180,000. Most of it — $130,000 — was allocated by our partner Direct Relief. Another $48,000 is a grant from the GlobalGiving organization. Thank you! Accurate diagnosis is essential for the successful treatment of childhood cancer.
  • Thanks to Save the Children’s funding, we purchased 27 infusomats for the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center and the Neurosurgery Department of the First Medical Association of Lviv (including single-use medical devices) for $102,367.
    Cancer drugs are very toxic and harm healthy cells. To ensure that the child is safe during chemotherapy, an infusomat is used to administer the medication — an electronic dropper that delivers precisely the right amount of drops and at the right speed.
  • Also, in May, the Foundation allocated $9,653 to reconstruct the WUSCMC outpatient space. It is part of a large-scale project with a total budget of $84,290, aiming to improve outpatients’ conditions. In particular, for those receiving “one-day” chemotherapy. The space was opened in September 2023.
  • For another $9,654, we purchased an amplifier for the WUSCMC laboratory, a device used for PCR tests. It helps determine the risk group and treatment tactics for a child. We thank all our partners and donors for such a powerful contribution to the development of hospitals!
  • — $38,921 was spent on doctors’ internships and financial support within the program of support and continuous professional development of the medical personnel. 163 medics took part in the program’s activities in May. Despite the Russian full-scale invasion, supporting doctors remains our strategic project because medical professionals drive change in pediatric oncology.

    — Tabletochki allocated $20,367 to the Foundation’s palliative care program. We support children who cannot be cured so that they can live without pain and in comfort until the end. We organize consultations with doctors and psychologists, classes with rehabilitation therapists, provide medicines and necessary items for care, and make dreams come true.— $15,852 was allocated to outpatient apartments in Kyiv and Lviv for non-local families discharged from the hospital but still need frequent tests and procedures.

    — $16,595 was spent on psychological assistance for children and their families. Cancer treatment is a constant stress. Professional psychologists help families cope with it and give them the strength to fight. We organize group and individual consultations for parents and children.

    — $22,014 was allocated to the Child Life program. Children fighting cancer are, first and foremost, just children. To have the strength to overcome the disease, they need positive emotions. That is why the Foundation organizes creative workshops, festive discharges from the hospital, gifts, camps, and communication clubs after treatment.

    — Those children with cancer who could not receive all the required treatment in Ukraine were evacuated abroad. The expenses were $15,821 and included transfers in Ukraine and abroad, translation of medical documents, and one-time financial assistance that covered expenses appearing due to a sudden relocation. 

    — Families of children with cancer being abroad received financial and household assistance for $31,285.

    The Foundation’s maintenance expenses in May 2023 were 8,8%

    You can find a detailed financial report here.

    Thank you for your sensitivity and generosity. You are a reliable support for children fighting cancer!

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