100 days after HSCT

In September last year Ira was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, i.e., blood cancer. Since then her family has gone through the diagnosis rejecting stage and shed copious tears, listening to doctors’ predictions that Ira hardly has a chance to survive.

Ira was rejected to be treated not only in Ukraine but also in Germany, Italy, Israel, and Belarus. Rejections had been continuing until her family was introduced to Oleksandr Lysytsya, Head of the SCT Unit at Okhmatdyt Hospital.

On June 5, he performed HSCT. Her family considers this date to be Ira’s second birthday.

Recently Ira marked 100 days since the procedure, and her condition is quite promising today. Certainly, Ira and her family still have a lot of challenges ahead.

“We all understand that current state of remission can end up at any minute,” says her mom Natalya, “but we will ask God to make it last as long as possible, at least 50 years. We have learned to appreciate every minute fully, we have learned to love life, nature, water, air…” .

Ira’s family gives sincerest thanks to their doctors. And we would like to express gratitude to our contributors for expensive medication and for making the girl smile at one of the events held for our recipients.

Thank you for giving kids a chance! Keep on helping them and supporting their families!

More to come…