When you look at two-year-old Sasha, you can never tell he is sick since he was born.

Sasha has a rare type of anemia – Diamond–Blackfan anemia. That means that his hemoglobin keeps constantly dropping, and he needs a blood transfusion every 40-45 days.

Anemia makes Sasha vulnerable to other illnesses and cuts him off from hanging out with other kids. Sasha does not go to kindergarten, and his only games teammate is his sister.

Sasha’s favorite game is discovering the world. He loves walking, exploring, enjoying fresh air outside. Sasha is always on the move, wandering around and running. Two toy boxes feel lonely without his attention.

Nowadays, Sasha spends most of the time in the village, exploring nature and geese, ducks, dogs, cats, and other animal worlds. Sasha is an extremely energetic kid with a ravenous thirst for life.

Doctors think that a HSCT will give him a chance to become completely healthy. His parents put their hope in it too. Over the last two years, every day for them has turned into a regular battle for life.

Sasha is a recipient of the Treatment Abroad Program, initiated by our Foundation. The search for a HSCT donor in Italy has already been started. The surgery will be performed there.

We should endeavor so that the boy can start “exploring” Verona as soon as possible. Support Sasha and other recipients of our Treatment Abroad Program!

And there will be a lot of traveling to come!