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22 November 2023

Help children beat the cancer that steals Christmas holidays!

Hundreds of children in Ukraine are fighting cancer right now. Most of all, they dream of recovering and returning home to sit at the festive table with their loved ones. But for now, the children have intravenous drips instead of Christmas tree decorations, and they have piercing hospital lights instead of Christmas lights. You can change this! 

We traditionally open a Christmas shop of Gifts for Health. All the goods in it bring children closer to recovery.  

Buy gifts right now and help children beat cancer.

Now they need your sensitivity and kindness more than ever.

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Новини / 7 November 2023

Відкритий лист щодо державного фінансування трансплантацій гемопоетичних стовбурових клітин

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Новини / 24 October 2023

Smile з Таблеточками: Піклуємось про найхоробріших

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Новини / 21 August 2023

Великий збір на аналізи для пацієнтів «Охматдиту» завершено

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