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A special occasion

Special occasions are a time for unique gifts. Involve others in charity on your birthday, wedding, or even child birth. Let everyone share your joy according to your rules, and ask them to make donations for children fighting cancer instead of gifts.

Online marathon or «Running for children»

Organize a virtual marathon for yourself or together with friends. Raise funds by running a specified distance or a certain period of time. Join the marathon from anywhere in the world. Share your success on social media and encourage your friends to donate.

Charity lectures

Give one or more lectures on the specifics of your field of activity to anyone interested. Tell about a particular topic or the area in general. For example, you can hold a masterclass about the start of a career in design or photography, etc.; educate about working with specific tools and platforms, share your own experience, life hacks, or basic skills. It can be an online event or an offline meeting. Raise funds for children by collecting donations from attendees of the lectures.

Fair of kindness

Organize a charity fair — on the eve of a holiday or just for fun. Sell creative handmade items, food or drinks, or your own clothes/books that you don’t use anymore. You can do this on your own or with a company — at school, university, or office. You can also post items with descriptions and prices on specially created social media pages. The more items you post, the more help you can provide to children.

Help in a tasty way

Invite your friends to a charity breakfast, dinner or lunch if you think you can cook even better than Yevhen Klopotenko 🙂 Dedicate this meal to a particular cuisine or type of food. Let your borscht help too!

Read or help

Organize a reading marathon for yourself. Set a monthly goal of 3, 5, or even 10 books. And if you fail this achievement, do a good deed in the form of a donation for children. Challenge your friends, family, and colleagues. Motivate and control each other.

Conquer the peaks

Give small personal victories to children. And bring them closer to victory over the disease. Have you conquered Hoverla, learned to ride a bike or skate? Did you take a foreign language course? Tell others about it, make a charitable donation to celebrate this event, and invite your friends to congratulate you 🙂

Something interesting

Create your original campaigns. Combine entertainment with awareness of important topics. Organize your challenge around one of the most important dates for children with cancer:

15 February — International Childhood Cancer Day;

«Golden September» — Childhood Cancer Awareness Month;

1 June — International Children’s Day etc.

Create something exiting and essential.

Sports tournament

Have you ever wanted to play football, basketball, volleyball, or tennis with your colleagues or friends? Gather your participants and invite spectators to your match with a nominal donation to your charity campaign. Share information about the event on your social media to attract as many people and funds as possible.

This list of ideas is infinite and can be implemented anytime. Have you chosen an idea or have your own, but don’t know how to start? Don’t hesitate to contact us — we will help!