Arrange the fair yourself. It may be sweets or drink fair, a sale of needless things or a home library.

Day’s salary for children

Invite colleagues to make a charitable contribution for children where the amount is equal to one day’s salary. This initiative can be supported  by your company management that can double the amount from the corporate funds.

Donor day

Invite a mobile medical team to your office to collect blood for children’s needs directly at your office. To do this, e-mail [email protected] with a note “Donor initiative”. The event is held in the presence of more than 50 potential donors.

Health Relay Race (Instead of “Sports Events”)

Take care of your health with your colleagues and friends and help children! Set goals that will improve your health and well-being while making charitable contributions. For example, you may weigh yourself on Mondays. For each extra kilogram make UAH 100 charitable contribution, and for each dropped kilo ‒ UAH 50.

Month of savings

Protect the environment and treat office supplies with care. Transfer the money saved this way to children fighting cancer.

Coins for children

During the lunch break in the office, arrange a contest for the longest chain of coins brought from your home money-boxes. Small activity can make big impact.


Hold competitions and tournaments in the office. For example, arrange a Photo Quiz. To do this, colleagues bring their childhood pictures and put them around the office. The task of other participants is to guess which of the employees is pictured. To participate in the competition and vote, you need to make a charitable contribution.

This list of ideas is not exhaustive and may be implemented at any time

If you have chosen an idea or have your own one but don’t know where to start, contact us and our coordinators will help!