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Кожен внесок важливий. Допоможіть дітям одужати

16 March 2022

What the foundation managed to do in three weeks of the russian invasion

For ten years, Tabletochki Foundation, together with partners, donors, doctors, and volunteers, has been developing the field of pediatric oncology in Ukraine. On February 24, russia destroyed many achievements of this decade.

We will rebuild everything, and children will have the best treatment in Ukrainian oncology centers.

We are doing everything we can to save children from Russian bombs and help their families during the war.

Now, our priority is urgent humanitarian aid. Here is what the foundation managed to do in three weeks of the abrupt russian invasion and what we continue to do every day:

– In partnership with St. Jude Global, Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center in Lviv, Polish Herosi Foundation, the Polish government, and Ukrainian and international partners, we have organized the evacuation of more than 260 children with cancer, accompanied by their parents.

Some of these children will receive further treatment in Polish hospitals, while others will be sent to oncology centers in other countries (Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada).

Cancer cannot be paused during wartime, and the continuity of treatment for children with cancer is a matter of life.

– Tabletochki provides psychological support to families in evacuation and those who remain in Ukraine. Our team of psychologists works every day.

– The foundation provides financial support to healthcare professionals who work overtime.

– We also provide financial assistance to families who remain home and need medicines, medical consumables, hygiene products, etc.

– In the first days of the war, even before the evacuation of children, Tabletochki provided Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital and the Kyiv Regional Oncology Center with food, medicine, and medical consumables.

The foundation’s psychologist and hospital clowns also visited the Okhmatdyt Hospital’s bomb shelters. They supported families and even celebrated children’s birthdays. Some stayed all weekend and lived in the hospital for several days.

The strong support of the foundation’s partners, volunteers, and philanthropists made all this possible.

Our vision and goal are that no child in Ukraine should die of cancer. And we have no doubts that it will be fulfilled in peaceful Ukraine.

Together to victory!

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