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Твої 50 гривень допоможуть дитині одужати

20 February 2023

Tabletochki CF is the first Ukrainian foundation that joined the St. Jude Global Alliance.

Tabletochki is proud to join St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Global Alliance. We join more than 180 esteemed members from more than 68 countries around the world. This opens the door to our foundation for international networking and support, educational opportunities, and the inspiration of a globally shared mission — finding cures and saving children, everywhere.  

St. Jude Global Alliance is a global movement in pediatric cancer that brings together individuals and institutions dedicated to the shared vision of improving the quality of healthcare delivery and increasing survival rates of children with cancer and blood disorders worldwide. Launched in 2018, St. Jude Global is committed to reducing global disparities in access to care through the development of comprehensive initiatives in capacity building, education, and research across seven regions. Members of the Alliance support the belief that every child, everywhere, deserves the chance to live regardless of race, religion, or ability to pay.

Being invited to the Alliance is an honor. Global foundation partners must be evaluated, recommended, and sponsored by ALSAC (American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities), St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital awareness and fundraising organization, and must meet several criteria to apply and show evidence of their commitment to and impact on pediatric cancer outcomes in their communities.

Olya Kudinenko, founder and chairwoman of the board for Tabletochki CF, signs the agreement with the St. Jude Global Alliance as Rick Shadyac, CEO of ALSAC, looks on

“For Tabletochki, this means recognition and opportunities. It is about recognizing our work and dedication to improving the quality of pediatric cancer treatment in Ukraine. It is also about the possibility of global cooperation, sharing experiences, and working with the best professionals. Without St. Jude Hospital, 80% of children with cancer in the US died, and with the hospital — 94% are cured.

The task of Tabletochki and St. Jude Global is to bring care and recovery to every Ukrainian child with cancer. And we are doing this already. For example, in the beginning of the full-scale war, Tabletochki joined St. Jude Global’s humanitarian effort SAFER Ukraine aimed at evacuating Ukrainian families with children with cancer.

Also, St. Jude Global promotes the professional development of Ukrainian healthcare providers within the foundation’s educational program; and provides Tabletochki with expert and technical support in advocating for systemic changes in pediatric oncology and healthcare at the national level”, says Vyacheslav Bykov, Tabletochki’s CEO.

We are grateful to have such powerful partners in the fight against childhood cancer, especially during the full-scale war, making treating children more difficult.

Since February 24, Tabletochki has not stopped for a day in providing targeted assistance to families in Ukraine and abroad, supporting Ukrainian hospitals where children with cancer are treated, providing professional development of medical personnel, and advocating for changes in the Ukrainian health care system. In 2022 the foundation allocated more than $5,6 million to help.

Together with partners such as St. Jude Global Alliance, we continue to support children with cancer and their families at every stage of the disease. We are relentlessly approaching a future where no child dies of cancer in a strong and independent Ukraine.

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