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Nine-year-old Katya looks at the box full of craft supplies. Her sight stops at a skein of white ribbon. “What a beautiful patch,” she says.

Children perceive the world differently when a hospital becomes a home for many months. Medical patch becomes an eternal companion for them.

Over the last 11 months, Katya got used to the hospital routine. She bravely goes through all medical procedures.

Katya is fighting for a healthy future. Every day she shows how strong she is.

Katya continues studying. She takes online lessons. Her mother helps her to catch up with the school program. 

Moreover, Katya takes extracurricular English lessons, as she is interested in learning new languages. Unfortunately, she had to stop playing the flute because of cancer. 

Katya dreams of returning home – her younger sister is waiting for her there. She also wishes to play music and chess again. 

You can help make the dreams of Katya and hundreds of other Ukrainian children who are just now struggling with the disease come true.

Support children like Katya in the fight against cancer by donating!