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Amina is very patient and diligent. Once, the girl was jokingly asked to monitor the work of her oncologist. The next day Amina woke up at 6 a.m. and met the doctor at her office.

“I’ve been a sweet tooth since I was five,” says seven-year-old Amina. She talks a lot about herself, her favorite toys, her friend in the hospital, and her older sister, whom she missed incredibly.

“My sister used to dream about a cat and promised to take care of him if parents buy them. Parents bought her a cat, but in fact, I took care of him. I haven’t seen Lucy for a long-long time,” Amina can’t stop telling stories about her sister and father. Recently, her dad brought a huge set of felt-tip pens to the hospital. 60 pieces! The girl puts them in a special case and gladly shares them with everyone.

Amina became friends with the patients and doctors during these six months of fighting cancer. But despite the cheerful company, the girl wishes to return home as soon as possible.