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War outside, war inside. Children fighting cancer are especially vulnerable

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Why is this important?

Cancer did not pause because of the war. Every day, three Ukrainian families learn about this diagnosis in a child. But access to treatment became more complicated: some families found themselves in the occupied territory, others under shelling, and working conditions for doctors have become more difficult.

Currently, 500 children are under the foundation’s care: in clinics abroad and Ukraine. Monthly donations guarantee continuous treatment for children caught up in two wars.

Who are superfriends?

Superfriends are the community of Tabletochki’s donors helping monthly. The donors sign up once, and their donations are processed automatically every month. This is safe and easy. And priceless for children with cancer.

How does it work?

You choose an amount and a payment date. The first donation will run on a date you choose. Next, gifts will be made automatically every month. You can cancel your donations at any time in your account on Tabletochki’s website

Help monthly

We help kids fight cancer.
At every step of their battle

Ukrainian defenders are doing incredible things: children can receive treatment in Ukraine, and doctors can help them recover even during the war. But families and cancer centers are now more vulnerable and need more support than before the Russion invasion.

Monthly, our Foundation supports 500 children, assists hospitals, and works on systemic changes for the development of the entire field of pediatric oncology. We can do this only with the generous help of Tabletochki’s donors.

Help monthly

Your monthly donations will help us provide children and hospitals with drugs, medical consumables, and medical nutrition to ensure continuous treatment

Your monthly donations will help us finance large infrastructure projects in children’s oncology centers to create a cutting-edge ecosystem for cure and care

Your monthly donations will help us advocate for critical systemic changes to ensure children receive world-class treatment in our home country

Your monthly donations will help us provide palliative care for families with children who cannot be cured and develop the palliative care service in Ukraine