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Volodya was three years old when his mother noticed a strange “cloud” in his eye. Ophthalmologists in their hometown suggested the family go to the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv. After the examinations, Volodya was diagnosed with eye cancer.

He spent six months in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy. But the tumor continued spreading, so the doctors later decided to remove the eye.

During the grueling treatment, Volodya managed to find joy in art. He just needed some pencils and paper. The boy likes drawing and papercutting, inventing new games, and playing with Lego. Recently, he has also become interested in space-related topics.

Last year Volodya went to first grade as an ordinary child. None of his classmates noticed that he had a prosthetic eye.

But after a year and a half of remission, cancer returned. And the boy underwent another surgery in January 2021. 

“After so many years, we become a family with our doctors. Dr. Lesya Lysytsya insisted on having treatment according to the modern protocol. But firstly, there was a course of radiotherapy,” says Volodya’s mother.

The war broke out, when Volodya finished the twelfth procedure – precisely in the middle of the course. “There were moments and hours of despair in Kyiv. My child had just started treatment. We were not sure he would be able to continue it,” the mother recalls.

That is why they decided to go to their hometown, Lviv. There was no necessary equipment to continue the treatment, but there was an opportunity to go abroad.

Together with his mother, Volodya left Ukraine with the first evacuation convoy to Poland. The boy received the necessary treatment at the Institute of Children’s Health in Warsaw. Volodya underwent chemotherapy according to the modern protocol suggested earlier by Ukrainian doctors.

Today, eight-year-old Volodya is gradually recovering after an exhausting stage of treatment. 

His story is an example of the incredible strength of children and parents who fight cancer. Please support them on their way to a cancer-free future with a donation.

“When there is a helping hand, it motivates parents to fight. We thank everyone for supporting our children,” says Volodya’s mother.

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