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Roma is battling two wars like hundreds of other children who have to fight cancer during a Russian full-scale invasion.

Thanks to donors, he is receiving the necessary treatment even in this horrible situation. In particular, the boy underwent a bone marrow transplant. The donor for him was his older brother, a defender, who took a vacation for this purpose.

Roma wants to get well so that he can see his sister. The girl now lives with her grandmother in another city.

Dad teaches children that family is the most essential thing in life.

Need help

10 years old


Aliia bravely fights kidney cancer. She has already undergone surgery and is undergoing a course of 27 blocks of chemotherapy. The girl needs your support to overcome the disease.

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2 years old


Vlas is a tiny boy and does not fully realize how difficult his treatment is. When he arrives at the hospital for chemotherapy, he sits down on the bed and declares that he is staying to watch cartoons.

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5 years old


Roksolana is a brave girl who never cries when nurses take her blood for tests. She also thanks them every time for helping her recover. Please help children, too!

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