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Six-year-old Bohdan and his mother volunteered at the military hospital to support patients in the first month of the full-scale war. Today, volunteers support Bohdan himself – the boy is a patient of the hematology-oncology division, where he is fighting a severe blood disease.

Until recently, Bohdan had a normal life – classes at an art school and karate. He especially liked to go “in the wild” to enjoy the beauty of nature without people. If he found signs of people’s presence, such as garbage, he cleaned it. For example, he encouraged his family to clean the littered area around the stream in their hometown. And together, they did it.

Then the war began in Ukraine. And then another one – with an illness.

A few weeks ago, Bohdan started his treatment. He and hundreds of other Ukrainian children fighting for a healthy future right now need your help.

Please donate using the link in the bio. Our partner Bolt matches all the donations made by July 25. So children like Bohdan will receive twice as much help!

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