Volodia Krysyna
Congenital acute lymphoblastic leukemia
1 year

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Volodia Krysyna from Lipovka, Ivano-Frankivsk region, needs our help. Volodya has blood cancer, and only transplantation of stem cells from an unrelated donor can help him. It will be held in Bydgoszcz and paid by the Ministry of Health. Parents have to pay only 3,000 euros for the donor search.

Hospitals appeared in Volodia's life almost immediately after birth. He suffered from bronchitis on a monthly basis, after the treatment the disease came back. Then a tumor began to grow rapidly on the back. Volodya got operated in Lviv when he was five months old, then his parents first heard about cancer. The tests at Okhmatdyt determined the exact diagnosis: congenital acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or blood cancer.

Volodia and his mother celebrated half a year in Okhmatdyt, during chemotherapy. And the year too. On the first birthday, the benefactress presented Volodia a toy puppy. The boy was delighted and immediately pulled the ear to the mouth. And his mother immediately after the holiday received a certificate that Volodya needed transplantation abroad.

Now Volodia is a year and four months. After three protocols of chemotherapy, he is at home. A month ago, he took his first steps, and now he is running away from his parents towards goals only he knows. And if he falls, he will definitely stand back on his feet and run further. Only music can stop him. He loves it, so every day he and his mom arrange a disco party.

Mom Ivanna is happy: after long months in the hospital, Volodya feels well and the supporting chemotherapy helps him to wait till the transplantation. The doctors give good forecasts, the main thing is to fly for treatment in the next three months.

Mom is ready. The puppy with the tasty ears too. He will fly to Poland with Volodia so that his little friend will soon recover.

But the strength of that funny toy puppy is not enough to defeat the disease.

1. You can help Volodia and other members of the Foundation to get vital treatment faster on our website: bit.ly/VolodiaKrysyna (there are also JustGiving and PayPal in tabs).

2. PrivatBank card 5169 3324 0665 2035, Kudinenko/Yermolayeva O.Y., founder of the fund. This is a fund's card (legal entity), but according to the bank rules it is issued to an individual.

Little help always matters. Thanks!


Photo by Galyna Kviten

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