Victoria Rybak
Aplastic anemia
10 years

Оновлено: 29 липня 2019 року Вікторія полетіла на лікування до Верони.

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Трансплантацію Вікторії оплачує МОЗ. Зібрані кошти ми витратимо на допомогу дівчинці під час лікування або на потреби інших підопічних фонду, якщо допомога Вікторії виявиться неактуальною.


Важливо: всі підопічні нашої програми закордонного лікування, яким потрібна трансплантація кісткового мозку (стовбурових клітин) від неродинного донора, стоять в черзі МОЗ на оплату. Але інколи у дитини немає часу чекати - оплати затримуються, в бюджеті не вистачає грошей на всіх. А ще сім’ям в окремих випадках потрібно самостійно оплачувати типування крові і пошук донора, платити за зйомну квартиру і харчуватись. Тому ми відкриваємо адресний збір на кожну дитину.



Ten-years-old Victoria Rybak from Bila Tserkva has a serious blood disease. The girl needs a stem cell transplantation from a non-relative donor. The bill for treatment should be paid by the Ministry of Health, but other expenses are paid by parents: blood typing, air tickets, accommodation in Italy for several months. And the family needs your help.

— We always call her Victoria, with full name. She is very independent and adult, — mom Olga tells us.

Nine months ago, their lives split into “before” and “after”.

Before her mother heard the diagnosis, Victoria went to pop dance and to the drama school, performed in Kyiv and Lviv, arranged concerts in her yard to earn money for food for homeless dogs.

In May of the last year, the disease first showed itself. Victoria felt tired all the time, but at school, the test tasks came one after another, she also had to prepare for the final concert, so the tiredness did not seem suspicious to her parents. They waited for the holidays.

But on holidays it didn’t get any easier, and huge bruises appeared on her body. Finally, one day, Victoria fainted. They passed tests at a local hospital, and in the evening already were at the oncology and hematology department in Kyiv. Aplastic anemia, super heavy form. The girl’s bone marrow no longer produces mature blood cells and gradually destroys the body.

Only transplantation can help.

— Nine months ago we got to the hospital, — says Olga. And she starts telling about life “after”.

In the hospital, Victoria matured even more. She made friends with the kids in the department and gladly stays with children if moms need to go out. She calms down her mom and draws her dreams to her.

Girl Сare, girl Independence. But even such girls cannot cope with a serious illness by themselves.

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