Mykhailo Pychkar
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, combined late relapse
15 years

Оновлено: 28 лютого 2019 року Михайло полетів до Бидгоща на трансплантацію.


Благодійники зібрали для Михайла 159 014 грн. Дякуємо!

Рахунок за трансплантацію оплатив МОЗ. Фонд оплатив 3 030 євро за пошук донора. Залишок коштів ми спрямуємо на допомогу родині Михайла під час перебування за кордоном (матеріальна допомога на харчування, оплата житла) або перерозподілимо на потреби інших підопічних.


Важливо: всі підопічні нашої програми закордонного лікування, яким потрібна трансплантація кісткового мозку (стовбурових клітин) від неродинного донора, стоять в черзі МОЗ на оплату. Але інколи у дитини немає часу чекати - оплати затримуються, в бюджеті не вистачає грошей на всіх. А ще сім’ям в окремих випадках потрібно самостійно оплачувати типування крові і пошук донора, платити за зйомну квартиру і харчуватись. Тому ми відкриваємо адресний збір на кожну дитину.



15 years old Mykhailo Pychkar needs our help. He has relapse of blood cancer. Only unrelated donor hematopoietic stem cell transplantation can help. A hospital in Bydgoszcz is ready to start treatment, the price is 108 225 euros. Will the Ministry of Health pay for the treatment is unknown. But you can help Misha right now following the link  

A sportsman, artist, tourist and the most active guy in his class – it’s all about Misha. It’s about Misha from the past, before the disease. He played football, played accordion, adored camping. And also he dreamed about becoming a doctor. After ninth grade he wanted to apply to a secondary medical school, but instead he was admitted to hospital.

It all started in 2015 the way it usually goes with cancer-stricken children – firstly Misha was diagnosed with other disease. He had joint pain so he spent three weeks in pediatrics being treated for arthritis. But nothing helped. The boy was losing weight every day until in November he was appointed for puncture. It emerged that his blood had too many blasts – immature blood cells that can kill an organism when in large amount. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia or blood cancer. In 2016 Misha with mom was in Uzhhorod and Kyiv for painful treatment. The disease was managed.

It seemed that it was win. Misha was recovering, he came back to studying. “He didn’t stop dreaming about becoming a doctor so he was studying up for an applying”, – Misha’s mother says.

But the applying was postponed. This June, relapse occurred. Misha has lost his eyesight and hearing abilities. But he didn’t lose his hope.  

He impresses with his bravery and faith. He says: “Mom, everything will be fine, we have to abide by it.»

Misha truly abides by the circumstances. These last months his hearing is coming back, but doctors still are not sure what will happen to his sight. But the most important now is to fight off cancer. Chemotherapy cannot help anymore, transplantation is needed, but it can not be conducted in Ukraine. Misha’s parents collect money, but they only have friends to support them, so there is not enough of it.

Meanwhile Misha is setting himself up for the transplantation, still dreaming about secondary medical school.

It’s hard to forsake your dream when you are fifteen years old.

  1. You can help Mykhailo and his parents on our website (you can also find JustGing and PayPal among tubs).

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