Kira Velter
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
6 years

Благодійники зібрали для Кіри 188 649 грн. Дякуємо!

Трансплантацію Кірі оплачує МОЗ. Зібрані кошти ми витратимо на допомогу дівчинці під час лікування або на потреби інших підопічних фонду.


Важливо: всі підопічні, яким потрібна трансплантація кісткового мозку (стовбурових клітин) від неродинного донора, стоять в черзі МОЗ на оплату. Але рахунки клінік, які оплачує МОЗ, не включають авіаквитки, проживання, харчування. Також сім’ям в окремих випадках потрібна допомога з оплатою типування крові і пошуку донора, щоб дитина швидше полетіла на трансплантацію, або з оплатою додаткових рахунків за лікування (наприклад, коли виникають ускладнення і дитині призначають лікування, не включене в основний рахунок за трансплантацію). Тому ми відкриваємо адресний збір на кожну дитину.



Kira Velter from Donetsk region has leukemia relapse and she needs to have stem cell transplantation from a non-relative donor. An invoice from a clinic in Bydgoszcz for Euro 108 225 will be paid by the Ministry of Healthcare, however, this invoice only includes the cost of treatment and it does not include airline tickets, cost of accommodation and accompanying costs. Her family needs our help.


— Mom, what is that? — little Kira drops her toys to hide in her mom’s arms.

— Fireworks, Kira, — her mom consoles her. 

In 2015 in Bakhmut which is close to the front line children fall asleep almost every night to the sounds of fireworks. Kira has seen fireworks in cartoons and does not understand why the sounds outside her window are not followed by beautiful lights. This is scary and terribly sad.

But her parents are close and no war is capable of robbing a child of their childhood. Kira grew and learned how to count and drew funny unicorns.

One day Kira developed small red spots all over her body. Allergies – said the doctors. Two weeks later huge bruises were added to the rash. They did blood tests. Kira’s blood contained 82% of cancerous cells.


— Mom, what is that?

— Fireworks, Kira. Let’s go watch them.

Her mother lifts Kira up on the windowsill. The girl touches the glass and is mesmerized by the colorful flashes in the sky. It’s 2017, and outside of the windows of Sumy Oncology Department, City Day is being celebrated. Bright stars fall from the skies towards the earth and it is not scary at all. Although it is loud – the same as it once was at home.

Kira ended up in Sumy the day after her cancer was diagnosed. Her parents called several hospitals asking them to admit Kira to receive treatment because the regional oncological center remained on the occupied territory. A spot was available in the hospital in Sumy.

And so began a different kind of war – a war for little girl Kira’s life.


Kira entered remission two weeks after chemotherapy. It was very early on, very dangerous and to prevent a relapse, she had to continue her tough course of treatment – in Kyiv and in Sumy. They went home hoping they had won.

Kira was home for 6 months. In January 2019 her blood counts started dropping dramatically. Cancer was back and sole chemotherapy would not work this time around. She needed a new bone marrow to survive.

Kira is six. She is not afraid of her disease. Even when she feels sick after her medications, she is all laughter and tries running around her hospital room. But her parents are afraid.

We will not leave them alone to fight this war, will we? 


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