Dulenko Olia
Acute myeloid leukemia (MML+).
17 years

544 984 uah.


3 026 344 uah.

17-year-old Olia Dulenko from Sumy region has cancer, relapse. To live, she needs unrelated donor hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The clinic in Bydgoszcz is ready to meet Olia, the cost of treatment is 108,225 Euros. Is there enough money from the state - nobody knows. And even if it's enough, Olia and her mom need money to live in a foreign country for several months. To help the family right now you can follow the link: bit.ly/Olia_Dulenko

In November 2014, pretty Olia became pale. Her energy disappeared - she came up the second floor in the school barely. And all this with a temperature of 37 degrees. As it often happens in such cases, doctors started to treat cold. When the treatment did not help, the girl was sent to the Sumy Regional Hospital.

- To the department of oncohematology. She was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. The same we'd heard in "Okhmatdyt", - mother Nadezhda says.

She had told this story hundreds of times, to all who could help save her daughter. She remembers those days to detail - how father brought Olia's blood to Kyiv, how he returned with disappointing news. How parents carried Olia to Okhmatdyt and fought for her life for six months. How they filmed a story for 1+1 channel to raise funds for expensive drugs.

This story was also told in our office - in 2015 we bought for Olia tyoguanine, many packages of aggressive drugs for $ 200 per piece to help her defeat the disease.

After "Okhmatdyt" and 14 sessions of radiation therapy in Sumy, it seemed that the cancer finally retreated. The family returned home. Olia went to study to become a cutlass - she dreamed of being useful to people, sewing clothes.

This year, in August, the disease returned. Pretty Olia gave up. She realized what she had to go through again. She did not want to fly for transplantation, she did not believe it would help. And for parents - the accountant in the village and the engineer of the geological installation - the amount is overwhelming. Through the hospital window Olia watched how the children were having fun with the volunteers on the Day of Knowledge, and dreamed to back home.

- But the doctor told us so: if there is any chance, you can not give up. Indeed, can we, parents, miss this chance for our child?

They can not.

1. To help Olia and her parents through our site bit.ly/Olia_Dulenko (the tabs also have JustGiving and PayPal).

2. The card of PrivatBank 5169 3324 0390 3183, issued to Kudinenko/Yermolayeva O., founder of the fund. This is a card of the fund (legal entities), but according to banking rules it is issued to a physical person.

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