Artem Mohyla
DiagnosisAcute lymphoblastic leukemia
7 years

Благодійники зібрали для Артема 138 085 грн. Дякуємо!

Трансплантацію Артему оплатив МОЗ. Зібрані кошти ми витратимо на допомогу Артему під час лікування або на потреби інших підопічних фонду, якщо допомога Артему виявиться неактуальною.


Important: All the patients of our foreign treatment program, who require bone marrow (stem cell) transplantation from a non-relative donor, are in the waiting list of the Ministry of Health to cover the cost of their treatment. However, sometimes the child does not have time to wait - payments are delayed, the budget is not enough for all patients. Besides, in some cases, families need to pay for blood typing and donor search and cover the costs of apartment rental and meals. That is why we do target fundraising for every child.


Artem Mohyla is 7 years old. In order to defeat blood cancer, he needs transplantation of stem cells from a non-relative donor. A clinic in Verona is ready to treat Artem. The cost of treatment is 125 thousand euros. We hope that the meeting of the special Commission at the Ministry of Health will take place in the nearest weeks and the government will pay for the transplantation. However, accommodation and meals are not included in this bill, and the boy’s parents need help.

Artem was first admitted to the hospital three years ago. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or blood cancer. His treatment was difficult and lengthy - first in Poltava, then in Kyiv. Gradually the disease receded, and the boy only had to do follow-up tests.

Artem went back to being a little boy. He spent time with his cat Murchyk, adored little chicks and gladly helped his parents to take care of them.

On September 1 last year, Artem started school. On September 4, his childhood was over again. The control puncture showed a relapse. Artem and his mother returned to the familiar room in the Poltava Regional Hospital.

The countdown of the same difficult days started, with the first cycle of chemotherapy followed by the second and the third ones. Aggressive drugs cause sore legs and back pain, hormones make the boy feel hungry and depressed all the time. Artem really wants to go out of his room, but he is not allowed to, so he counts days to the moment when the chemotherapy cycle ends and he will be able to walk along the hospital corridor.

Now his seventh therapy cycle is almost over. The only thing that helps Artem distract is his phone. There he has got games and many photos of Italy: beautiful parks with numerous attractions. His dream is to ride a roller coaster.

Svetlana, the boy’s mother, sighs. The disease has transformed their lives into a real roller coaster. Rise. Fall. Transplantation. That will be the last and the hardest summit to conquer, it is scary to climb, but it is the only chance to survive.

To get to the top, the family needs help.

You can help Artem and other children online at our website (there are also JustGiving and PayPal tabs).

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