Sergey Pavlyk

doctor-children's oncologist of the highest category, head of the department of children's oncology

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Scientific degree - Candidate of Medical Sciences

Place of employment - National Cancer Institute, Department of Pediatric Oncology

Education - Ternopil State Medical Academy, medical practice

Internship - Institute of Pediatric Oncology, RONC, Moscow, Russia; Munich Technical University, Germany

Sphere of scientific interests - solid tumors in children, high-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow transplantation in children

Membership in Associations - SIOP (International Association of Children's Oncology)

Why are you helping the fund? It is very unfortunate to look at the side when funds or people help not those who need medical certificates or those who can not financially manage some kind of diagnosis or treatment, but those who are more "overpowering", "punctured", "cunning" or "stuffy" ... It would be desirable that in a time when all help is still impossible, at least some kind of justice worked

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