It's all about children

  • Support to children
  • Support to hospitals
  • Training for doctors
  • Children's rights

Support to children

Tabletochki supports a child at every phase of the cancer treatment. Examination, diagnostics, search and purchase of medicines, treatment in Ukraine and abroad, psychological support and organization of parties for children ‒ all this is done by the Foundation team and the volunteers.

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Support to hospitals

The Foundation systematically supports Ukrainian children's hospitals: purchases equipment, renovates premises, and improves working conditions for medical staff. We have 17 children cancer departments in hospitals under our care, and children from all over Ukraine receive targeted support from the Foundation.

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Training for doctors

The Foundation contributes to the professional development of Ukrainian doctors: it provides access to international and local internships and training both abroad and in Ukraine, translates protocols of treatment into Ukrainian, and pays for subscriptions to international medical journals.

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Children's rights

Tabletochki actively cooperates with the state, the public sector, and other charity foundations to advocate the rights of children with cancer and their families.

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