World Cancer Day 2019
Date: 04.02.2019 15:24
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Today is World Cancer Day.

This year its slogan is “I am and I will”. It applies to everyone.

Cancer relates to each of us. And each of us can contribute to changing the terrible statistics right now.

heart I AM a benefactor. AND I WILL help those in need.

Make a charitable contribution on our website. It will take a couple of minutes so that children with cancer would receive vital help:

heart I AM a volunteer. AND I WILL support patients in hospitals.

Join our volunteer community and help children in oncology departments to overcome complex treatment:

heart I AM attentive to my health and the health of my beloved ones. AND I WILL live a healthy lifestyle and pass the necessary tests in time to prevent disease.

Search for useful materials about cancer and how to protect yourself, by the hashtag #ВажливоПроРак

This list could be continued. We could write about the families of people with cancer, doctors, donors, charitable foundations and their partners. No matter who we are, it is important not to stand aside and remember that cancer is a diagnosis, not a verdict. Together we can defeat it.


In the photo: Katya, 6 years old, Mykolaiv

Photographer: Anastasia Henderson

# Important facts about cancer

Her victory in your hands!

together we helped 7,000 children

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