Results of 2018
Date: 29.12.2018 14:02
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Dear Friends, our team congratulates you on New Year and wish you a Merry Christmas! And with all our heart we thank you for 2018, which was interesting, active, full of challenges. The year in which you, as usual, were nearby and supported us.

For us, the results of the year are numbers. But there are people and stories behind each figure: sick children and their relatives, doctors, volunteers, philanthropists. And all our achievements - for the sake of people and thanks to people. For your sake and thanks to you.

2018 has brought 51,144,100 UAH for children. We had 17 cancer departments under our care. Monthly, we helped 400 children. And there was a lot of warm and care that you and we gave to the ward families.

We bought medicines so that children did not interrupt life-saving treatment.

We helped families during overseas treatment and examination of children.

We were next to families when the cancer was stronger.

We launched the psychological service in the hospital and intensified the direction of psychological assistance for families under our care in the palliative program and the program of overseas treatment.

We hugged with heroes at the Day of Winners.

We hugged parents who lost their children - at the Day of Memory.

We implemented children's dreams.

Together with volunteers, we returned the childhood to hospitals.

We forced adults to believe in a miracle. And together with superheroes, we looked into the windows of the hospital chambers.

We told stories of families whom you helped, and stories of those who helped – your stories.

Together we laughed and cried, believed in impossible and went forward.

Our year in figures and events - by the link on the website:

It was like that because of your unlimited faith in us and your support. Thank you for this!
Please, continue to help, and next year we will continue our journey towards a bold goal: to defeat childhood cancer in Ukraine.

We wish you health, many warm and sunny days and inspiration to make this world a better place!

With immense gratitude,
The team of the "Tabletochki" Foundation

Her victory in your hands!

together we helped 7,000 children

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