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Date: 29.12.2017 21:40
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Friends, Tabletochki Foundation team congratulates you all on New Year and Merry Christmas!

It was already the sixth active, powerful, challenging and very warm year that we had with you. Its results are very convenient to show in figures and facts, but behind all numbers are people: cancer patients and their parents, doctors and nurses, volunteers and benefactors - that is all you. This is the true story of true people. Many stories.

2017 is 33 333 151 hryvnias, and 6 years together is more than 100 million hryvnias of your joint help in the fight against children cancer.



Thanks to you we have purchased 32 182 packages of timely and vital medicines for 561 children from 15 regions of Ukraine. Also we purchased equipment, medical furniture and consumables for the amount of UAH 8,632,279 for Kyiv and regional departments.

And as money turns into medicine, so medicine turn into a victory over childhood cancer. This year, we celebrated the children's victory for the first time, organizing a holiday of winners in November. We congratulated children who completed the main treatment of cancer, rejoiced for them and with them, and recorded their inspirational appeal to all who are now struggling with a serious illness.



This year, 38 children received help to go to treatment and examination abroad (14 of them - for TKM in Italy, Poland and Lithuania and 6 more children for retinoblastoma treatment in Germany). Thanks to you, we have helped families with payment for overseas treatment, blood typeing and donor search, accommodation, inspections and control visits.

The 5 children we met after transplantation Tanya, Natasha, Alisa, Iegor, Denis have already returned home as the winners. The bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor has not yet been conducted in Ukraine, and European clinics remain the only chance for children in need of such TKM. And we are grateful that you help pay for this complicated and expensive treatment. We, on our part, endeavor to ensure that such types of TKMs are also possible in Ukraine.



The work of the fund or state to fight childhood cancer is not enough. It is important that society cares about the problem of cancer. That is why we spent a month onco consciousness. We recorded videos that explicitly explain what cancer is, how the treatment goes, what the sick and their families need.

It is very important for us that in Ukraine our clients could receive the same qualitative treatment as abroad. That's why we helped 26 doctors and psychologists to go on 9 educational trips, at conferences and internships to Barcelona, Pamplona, Vilnius, Minsk, Moscow, London, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. And we will continue to work harder in the direction of education next year.



Your help is 39 families from our palliative care program that did not remain alone at a difficult time. This is UAH 1,276,834. for medicines and consumables, hygiene products, medical consultations, psychological counseling and ritual services. Thanks to you we gave gifts to the children of the wards, their brothers and sisters, carried out the dreams of the children, and the second time spent a Memorial Day for 37 families who gathered together to remember their children, share photos and stories. The same fund team, along with an anesthesiologist, visited a children's hospice in Britain to use the experience gained for better care.



Together with you, we rendered targeted assistance, paid patient apartments in Kiev, where families can comfortably live with children during treatment or examination. We realized the dreams of 15 children: organized dates, riding horseback riding, watching videos of favorite singers, visiting dance shows, and more. At their birthdays 144 children received gifts from us (or rather from you), and for the New Year - medicines. Thank you for your support.



Positive emotions and unexpected small and big holidays during long and complicated treatment help both children and their parents. Throughout the year, we conducted 433 interesting and fun activities with children at the ward offices, organized the Days of Mother's Day and various thematic events.

All this was made possible by our volunteers. The volunteer community of the foundation has 67 regular volunteers who assist in hospitals and clinics in Ukraine and abroad. A large number of people devote their knowledge and experience to our fund and the foundation itself. This help is invaluable.



We continued to develop the donor direction. During the 19 shares that funded the fund, 435 people became donors, giving for other people 195 l 75 ml of blood. It's a lot. It is potentially 1305 saved lives, because one donation can be used for 3 people. We also constantly reminded you about the importance of blood donation through the social network, and blood donors at OKHMATDYT received a mailing list.

But only the donation of blood is not enough. Important quality of its inspection, preparation and storage. Therefore, during the year we bought equipment, consumables, blood test reagents, sets for platelets, erythrocytes and plasmas.



All year we worked with the state sector. We advocated for medical reform, because we believe that our country is worthy of high-quality, transparent and human-centric medicine.

We lobbied for the dismissal of the institute of the main freelancers and the introduction of the institute of expert groups, together with other patient organizations, recommended experts and participated in the working groups for the formation of the nomenclature.

This year, the first stage of the construction of the new building of the OKHMATDYT hospital came to the finish line. We helped find a director who resumed construction, controlled the transparency and observance of the terms of construction. And our designers have developed beautiful design drawings, which now decorate the walls of the hospital. Also, the representative of the fund was a member of the selection committee of the chief physician OKHMATDYT.

We took part in the development of the Order of the Ministry of Health No. 459 on placement on the information stands of the hospitals of the list of drugs and consumables in the departments, and also created the poster design for the placement of such information.

An important area of work was the participation in the development of a new Provision on foreign treatment. We initiated these changes, created the first version of the document, participated in the working group of the Ministry of Health and defended important provisions for patients.

We tried to include in the government procurement of drugs required by our ward, controlled timely delivery of medicine. We also continued to monitor the implementation of the Order of the Ministry of Health №592 on the admission of resuscitation and introduction of charity SMS. We monitored the timely payment of foreign treatment for our wards.

We have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Health for a term of five years. This Memorandum will allow to change the field of children's oncology in Ukraine systematically, which will eventually increase the percentage of children who recover.



In 2017, there were many activities that helped our children. Together with you we were running, drinking lemonade, giving up flowers and gifts, inventing interesting promotions and flash mobs.

In April, on the NOVA POSHTA Kyiv Half Marathon, Yaroslav Bear, Oleg Marchenko, Anastasiya Goloborodko, Julia Bevzenko, Yuri Podlesny, Dmitry Denisov, Anna Fedorova, Oleksandra Voropayeva ran and passed 63 kilometers for us and together with the corporate fundraisers from Teva Ukraine collected 302,767 UAH

At Wizz Air Kyiv City / KYIV MARATHON 2017 in October 150 km Garik Korogodsky, Lena Balbek, Yevhen Chernyak, Tetyana Lukinyuk, Valentin Desyatnik, Julia Chernitskaya, Tetyana Grinyova, Alexander Solovey, Kateryna Sklyanchenko, Daria Cherkashina, Katerina Savina, Oksana Kushnir ran. Together with fundraisers from INTEGRITES, Datagroup, OKKO, Talk-n-Run Club, Oriflame, they provided assistance at 611 413 hryvnias.

And we were having fun with Color Run Color Run and collected 50 000 hryvnas.

We supported a team of swimmers Energy For Swim at international competitions in Rome, whose victory brought our children 18,000 euros.

We made selfie with bills of different countries for #moneycanchallenge and collected 400 000 hryvnas.

260 establishments and 24 companies have prepared 11,560 portions of delicious lemonade, and the company even held LemOlimp games. Thanks to the Day of lemonade our clients got help for 462 435 UAH. And children and adults all over Ukraine visited delicious drinks and learned that helping is very easy and fun.

On September 1, teachers from different schools across the country presented certificates of good cause: instead of flowers, entire classes chose charity, and our children together with 242 465 UAH got a chance to recover faster.

This year more people learned about our fundraising platform super.tabletochki.org/. You have registered there 103 campaigns 103 campaigns there and collected 3 881 379 UAH for our children.

Even more convenient was our online store tabletochki.prom.ua/, where you have chosen useful, interesting and good souvenirs all year round for yourself and friends. And all the profit from the sale of souvenir products, as always, we spent on the needs of the wards.

This year we had 510 partners and 35 companies helping the fund's infrastructure. And the fund itself has grown and now we have 21 employees. Administrative costs this year averaged about 10%.



This report was great. But even more is your help. We are indebted to you all this year, for the regular support and the confidence you give us.

We have a lot of plans for the next year. We believe that it will be even more effective, systemic and interesting. We will continue to change and change the children's oncology in the country for the better. Do not be afraid to go forward, because you are with us. Thank you for this!


We wish you in the new year good health, the sun and smiles around. Unexpected good deeds. Confidence in the future. Support. Thanks and see you in the new year!


With big gratitude,

Team of the Tabletochki Foundation

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