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For the sake of children

  • Help for Children
  • Support for Hospitals
  • Professional Development for Healthcare Workers
  • Children’s Rights Protection and Advocacy

Help for Children

Cancer treatment is complicated and lengthy. Tabletochki Foundation supports a child through every stage of the disease. The Foundation provides medical examinations, medicines, including those unavailable in Ukraine, psychological and palliative care, social rehabilitation, outpatient housing, and other targeted help for children and their families.

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Support for Hospitals

The Foundation systematically supports Ukrainian children's oncology centers: purchasing medicines, medical consumables, reagents, and equipment; renovating facility premises; and improving conditions for patients and medical workers. Monthly, 12 hospitals with oncology units are under the Foundation’s care.

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Professional Development for Healthcare Workers

Tabletochki actively promotes the professional development of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in pediatric oncology. The Foundation organizes its own training programs in Ukraine, provides access to internships and educational activities abroad as well as subscription to international medical publications.

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Children’s Rights Protection and Advocacy

Tabletochki cooperates with the state authorities and the third sector to represent the interests of children with cancer and their families. The Foundation protects children's rights at the state level, achieving the highest quality of treatment.

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12 years

together with donors and partners, Tabletochki has been changing the field of pediatric oncology

7,000 children

have received the Foundation’s targeted help since 2011

500 children

monthly are under the Foundation’s care

12 hospitals with pediatric oncology units

monthly are under the Foundation’s care

26,898,100 USD

has been raised since 2011

441,716 USD

aimed to help for children in March 2023

No child with cancer left out


They Are Treating Now

5 years old


Oleh is an active and cheerful boy. He is bravely fighting severe kidney cancer without losing his optimism. Help him recover and return home to his twin sister.

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8 years old


At the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, Ilona and her mother evacuated to Poland and Germany. Later, they returned home. A few weeks after that, the girl became ill, and a tumor was found in her brain. She has been fighting the disease for over a year.

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7 years old


Maksym from Zaporizhzhia is practicing the martial art of Wushu. He is doing well — within a few months of starting classes, the boy won three medals. But soon, he was suddenly hospitalized with a severe blood disease. Help Maksym and the other children to recover.

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All kids


News / 4 July 2023

Tabletochki provided $441,612 of support in March

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News / 5 May 2023

Tabletochki provided $380,034 of support for Ukrainians in February

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News / 28 April 2023

Tabletochki provided $303, 557 of support in January

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